灵感新篇·Kop & Kande可佳可家环贸iapm店盛装启幕

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继2022年12月上海静安嘉里中心首店开业后,时隔四月,Kop & Kande再次迎来了全新空间——上海环贸iapm店。继续呈现来自北欧及全球的家居设计精品,为生活居所增添灵感,提供各种场合的佳礼惊喜。

A New Chapter of Inspiration·Kop & Kande iapm Store Officially Opens

Following the opening of the first store in Jing'an Kerry Center in Shanghai in December 2022, Kop & Kande opened a new space again in April, and the new store is located in iapm, Shanghai. Kop & Kande will continue to present Scandinavian and even global home design boutiques, adding inspiration to living quarters and providing surprise gifts for various occasions.

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新店的设计与陈列延续简约、自然风格,希望顾客在挑选产品的同时,感受到家一般的舒适与温暖。以产品本身为原点,Kop & Kande希望将美好延伸至生活的方方面面,唤醒对日常的感知力,连接人际间的情感和温度,让每件心意之礼成为生活中无声而治愈的最佳陪伴。

The design and display of the new store continue the minimal and natural style, hoping that customers can feel the comfort and warmth of home while choosing products. Kop & Kande hopes to extend the beauty to all aspects of life, awaken the perception of daily life, and connect the emotion and relationship between people.


New Arrival·Light and Shadow Poetry


随新店开业,Kop & Kande迎来今春重磅新品——丹麦百年灯具制造商Louis Poulsen,将传奇品牌的光影艺术融入门店。沿袭斯堪的那维亚“型随机能”的设计风格,秉承“以设计塑造光”的理念,Louis Poulsen将为每一位顾客带来柔和舒适的照明体验。

With the opening of the new store, Kop & Kande ushered in a blockbuster new product this spring - Louis Poulsen, a century-old Danish lighting manufacturer. Following the Scandinavian design style of "shape with function" and adhering to the concept of "shape light with design", Louis Poulsen will bring soft and comfortable lighting experience to every customer.


最具代表性的系列产品将一并亮相于Kop & Kande环贸店:包括Poul Henningsen的经典作品PH系列,令Verner Panton闻名于世的Panthella系列,以斐波那契数列为灵感的Patera系列等。

The most representative series of products will be unveiled at the Kop & Kande iapm store together: including Poul Henningsen's classic PH series, Verner Panton's world-famous Panthella series, and the Patera series inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, etc.


Hundred Years of Silver Ware ·Gorgeous Reappearance

Kop & Kande环贸店继续携手百年银艺品牌Georg Jensen,诠释现代而独特的沉浸式家居体验。艺术造型融入质感银器,缔造奢雅不凡的感官盛宴。从餐具到花器、酒具,Kop & Kande 荟集品牌热点产品,为渴望打造理想之家的每一位顾客提供丰富的装置灵感。

Kop & Kande iapm store continues to present Georg Jensen, a century-old silversmith brand, interpreting a modern and unique immersive home experience. From tableware to flower vessels and wine sets, Kop & Kande gathers brand hot products, providing rich installation inspiration for every customer who desires to create an ideal home.



Kop & Kande精选餐瓷品牌德国唯宝Villeroy & Boch,一同恣享器物之美,开启曼妙优雅的艺术“食”刻。Audun奥顿系列采用铜版印刷手法,描绘18世纪欧洲人民淳朴自然的狩猎、耕作的场景,烟灰色铜版印刷与淡黄色的绘画艺术形成鲜明对比,餐瓷上复古的田园画卷徐徐展开。雅致设计加上怀旧图案,是馈赠亲朋的不二之选。

High-quality Tableware·Beautiful Display

Kop & Kande selects the tableware brand Villeroy & Boch, and the Audun series uses copperplate printing to depict the minimal and natural hunting and farming scenes of European people in the 18th century. The smoky gray copperplate printing is in sharp contrast with the light yellow painting art, so elegant design, is the best choice as a gift for relatives and friends.



爱家亦爱宠!Kop & Kande本季萌新上线,聚焦北欧专业宠物品牌:Siccaro,Non-stop, 为爱宠提供安全且舒适的随身衣物及日常用具。专注宠物速干领域的Siccaro,其明星产品只需15到20分钟即可使狗狗毛发变干。来自斯堪的纳维亚的Non-stop,产品的开发测试及使用,均由专业运动员在多项运动和极端条件下进行,兼备创新与实用性。

Adorable Newcomers·Accompany Pets

Loving home also loves pets! Kop & Kande focuses on Nordic professional pet brands this season: Siccaro, Non-stop, which provides safe and comfortable personal clothing and daily utensils for pets. Siccaro, which focuses on the pet quick-drying field, its star product can dry dog hair in only 15 to 20 minutes. Non-stop from Scandinavia, the development, testing and use of products are all carried out by professional athletes in multiple sports and extreme conditions, and the products are both innovative and practical.



以丹麦设计大师Bjørn Wiinblad作品为灵感的瓷器、花器将继续呈现于Kop & Kande环贸店,作为北欧家居中的清新点缀,其作品极具辨识度,色彩斑斓,丰富的自然元素和诗意的视觉效果,为家凭添一份童趣意味。

Fairy Flower Porcelain·Blooming Beautifully

Porcelain and flower vessels inspired by the works of Danish design master Bjørn Wiinblad will continue to be displayed in the Kop & Kande iapm store. The works are highly recognizable, colorful, rich in natural elements and poetic visual effects, adding a childlike touch to the home.



从精致餐具餐饰、实用厨房用具,到优雅家居装饰以及天然香氛等产品,Kop & Kande精选了适合不同场合的送礼佳品,将美好生活方式的每一面渐次铺陈,处处可见让人怦然心动的家居美学趣味,传递人与人之间的祝福与心意。

Rich Categories·Multiple Choices

From exquisite tableware, practical kitchenware, to home decoration and natural fragrance products, Kop & Kande selects the best gifts for different occasions, showing a beautiful lifestyle, highlighting aesthetic interest, and conveying blessings and thoughts between people.


未来两年,Kop & Kande将以上海为中心,向周边城市拓展,在2024年年底之前将开设15家直营门店,为全国范围的拓展奠定基础。同时,在每个核心城市都将开设一家品牌体验中心,打造一个将社交、用户体验结合的一体化零售空间。

Kop & Kande将始于北欧、根植中国,秉持着对家居生活的独特见解,诠释我们对人与人之间情感、生活、送礼时刻的表达。

Kop & Kande上海环贸店现已盛大开业,诚邀各位宾客莅临,让礼物传递美好,于艺术美学中构筑未来理想生活空间。

In the next two years, Kop & Kande will focus on Shanghai and expand to surrounding cities. By the end of 2024, Kop & Kande will open 15 directly-operated stores. At the same time, a brand experience center will be opened in each core city to create an integrated retail space that combines social interaction and user experience.

Originating in Northern Europe and rooted in China, Kop & Kande brings unique insights into home life and connects emotions between people with beautiful gifts.

The Kop & Kande iapm store has been grandly opened, and we sincerely invite all guests to come, let the gifts pass the beauty, and build an ideal living space in the future.

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