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变幻多端,危险神秘,“紫色的贝拉多娜”在欲望与快感间摇曳生姿,极致美艳的女人难免背负世俗的窥探与诅咒。所以追寻自我的女性则要遮掩身心的美丽与情欲?MASHAMA SS2021季度的答案是:身体的孕育是精神觉醒的开始,“露骨去爱”,无需将性与爱深藏在晦涩虚幻的故事之中,恶魔不会从绽放自我的躯体里诞生。


本季度Masha Ma以流线剪裁勾勒女性曼妙身姿,依旧利落的衣摆处理塑造独特流动美学;极具体感与力量的肩部与合身版型展现柔美的同时不失力量。并运用独家开发,全球独一的半熟成纯真丝作为主推系列物料,纯蛋白的天然蚕丝编织成几乎于肌肤的物料触感,将生丝的硬挺骨感与熟丝的丝滑绵密完美结合,极好的贴合展现女性躯体,灵动飘逸。


女性真实与自我的绽放,历来是从摆脱身体的桎梏出发,正如20世纪墨西哥女画家Frida Kahlo 所说:Viva la Vida ”!


Metamorphosing, dangerous and mysterious, "Purple Bella Donna" swaying between desire and pleasure, the sublime beauty will inevitably bear the secular prying and curse.

Therefore women who pursue the true self-being have to conceal their physical beauty and passion?

The answer of the MASHAMA SS2021 season is: revolution of physical being is the beginning of spiritual awakening, "to love explicitely", there is no need to hide lust and love in obscure and illusory stories, demon will not rise from self-blooming body.

This season, Masha Ma uses streamlined tailoring to outline the graceful figure of women, while the neat hem and seam create a unique flowing aesthetic; the extremely concrete and powerful shoulders give full support of softness without losing power.

Uses of the exclusive development, the world's only semi-mature pure silk as one of main product series. The 100% pure protein natural silk is woven and created almost as touch of the skin. It perfectly combines the stiffness of raw silk with the milky smoothness of cooked silk. The fit shows female body, lean and elegant.

The navy collar and hand crafted corsage give women playfulness and grace, the deconstruction techniques throughout the series reshape new possibilities for modern day-wear.

Combined with the environmental friendly textile exclusively customized by the Italian luxury fabric supplier BONOTTO (the original materials extracted from the ocean plastic are processed through a special technology, each kilogram of fabric can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32%, save 94% of water resources and 60%

% Of the power consumption), visually seen as denim while still light and breathable. The modern "digital angel" double-sided woven pattern danced all over vividly.

The liberation of women’s true self always begins from unshackled the body, as the Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo said: Viva la Vida!

Then everything begins.